I Had Summer Anxiety

Pools, beaches, bathing suits, dresses, shorts, and tank tops. A short defining list of the summer season. However, my summer list used to be different. Mine consisted of long sleeved shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, and sweaters. Summer meant a whole season of extra insecurities with myself. A season of anxiety. I didn’t only cover up my […]

[Thought] Body Positive Movement Can Be Self Destructive

This post is not to be confused with the body acceptance post I made. I do however need to add a disclaimer. The definition of body acceptance I have is very different than the actual term. Body acceptance, to me, meant accepting and acknowledging my unhealthy body in its true form, then putting a stop […]

The Struggles of Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is one of the hardest things to overcome in my book. Once you begin emotional eating, your mind is wired to believe food is the answer to your emotional problems. This is still an ongoing struggle for me. In the beginning, my thought process was to not give in; well, easier said than […]

Enjoy the Little Things

In the saying Enjoy the Little Things, little things to me are the small obstacles I conqured. Like saying no to an unhealthy food choice, saying yes to a good workout, going on a walk instead of watching a movie, hitting a monthly weight goal, etc. What’s the take away? The little things were only […]

Wanting Success? Have Patience.

We live in a time where patience is often overlooked and in turn we rush through life without giving our processes much thought. A lot can be learned from how we handle a situation. There are teachable moments through out our journeys in life; if we are only focusing on the final outcomes, we put […]

Be Open to Motivation

The thought of changing my lifestyle was a little daunting at first. I wasn’t sure what to expect or if I would even be able to do it. I was so used to trying things, doing it for a while, and then going back to my old ways. What I did differently this time was […]

Daily Changes That Gave Me Positive Results (Health Edition)

I owe my success in losing weight, now 69 lbs, to my continuous drive to learn about my body. I took the time to see how my body responded to foods and did fair amounts of research. I provided myself stepping stones that ultimately led to healthy habits. The more educated I became, the more […]

Be Honest With Yourself (Daily Thought)

To have the trait of honesty is to tell the truth. I believe a misconception with this word is that honesty only means telling the truth to others. While that is true and may be the general term of the word, I believe it also means having honesty with yourself. I believe what makes an […]

Creating Change Starts With Body Acceptance

In order to move forward you have to accept your present state. You cant move forward in a positive way if you are stuck with a negative mind. If you are wanting to make a change, wanting a healthier body, a better mindset; you can’t beat yourself up for where you currently are. This is […]

How To Find Your Purpose

Society teaches us that we have to follow a set of rules: get a job that makes a lot of money, have a family, have a lot of nice things, and to always put others before yourself. But what if you hate your job? What if you don’t necessarily want a family? What if you’ve […]