Why I Don’t Believe In Cheating

So you may be thinking, “Why is she talking about cheating? I thought this was a health blog.” The cheating I am talking about is food cheating. Having a “cheat meal” or worse yet, a whole day dedicated to being “bad”. That’s what the word implies after all doesn’t it? Being bad? Doing something you’re not supposed to do? How is having a day defined by a negative term supposed to set you up for success?

Now, I fully believe in eating things that aren’t the healthiest for you from time to time, you have to be able to participate in life after all. However, I believe it is so much healthier, mentally and physically, to eat in moderation. To not indulge and not restrict. So eat that dessert or have that piece of pizza, or find healthy versions of those things so you’re not constantly telling yourself “NO”! Because, you know what’s going to happen sooner or later? Your cheat day comes and you eat multiple pieces of cake or pizza. Opposed to that one piece. You end up eating everything you said no to throughout the week in one day. You most likely over eat on this day, and all your mental progress is out the window. In turn, you most likely feel like sh*t for the next couple days, maybe you even undid your progress from the week leading up to that cheat day. Then, when you finally get back on track, guess what? Its your cheat day again. The cycle continues.

What it comes down to is you have to choose your battles. Say yes sometimes, say no most of the time. I promise you it gets easier as time goes on. I don’t believe a healthy lifestyle consists of someone living one way Sunday through Friday and a completely different one on Saturdays.
It is a TOTAL lifestyle change. You need to be persistent, you need to have dedication, and most importantly, you need to train your mind. Training your mind is hard work! Constantly switching up the rules on it messes with your ability to create healthy lifelong habits.

These are my thoughts and opinions I have formed from personal experience with incorporating cheat days in the past. I also came to this conclusion from what I have seen in other people who tried this strategy of dieting… dieting; also another word I don’t believe in, but lets not get into that.

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My name is Kaytlin and I created this blog to help others who may find themselves at a crossroads with their health. I have been there, lived it, and found the path to happiness. I lost over 65 pounds and gained an entire new mindset on life. On a more personal note, I am 25 years old and live in northern Indiana with my fiancee Tyler and border collie, lab mix, Iris. I am a movie and music fiend and lover of the arts. My goals in life are to have a house in the country where I can grow my own food, do my part in reducing my carbon footprint, and reach as many people as possible with what I have learned on physical and mental health.

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