How To Find Your Purpose

Society teaches us that we have to follow a set of rules: get a job that makes a lot of money, have a family, have a lot of nice things, and to always put others before yourself. But what if you hate your job? What if you don’t necessarily want a family? What if you’ve put everyone else before you and now you have nothing? You end up feeling like you’re failing, you’re trying to live by the rules but can’t find any meaning to it. You’re going through the motions but not finding any happiness. You’re not happy because the only reason you’re doing these things is because you think you have to. This is when you need to ask yourself, “What do I want?”. Take note of daily things you have to do that you wish you didn’t. How can you change your life so you won’t have to do those things? What are your passions? Most importantly, how hard are you willing to work to create a a life with purpose?

Asking these questions led me to my purpose; to share my story on how I achieved better mental and physical health and to help others who are looking to do the same.

Have you found your purpose?

About Simply Healthy

My name is Kaytlin and I created this blog to help others who may find themselves at a crossroads with their health. I have been there, lived it, and found the path to happiness. I lost over 65 pounds and gained an entire new mindset on life. On a more personal note, I am 25 years old and live in northern Indiana with my fiancee Tyler and border collie, lab mix, Iris. I am a movie and music fiend and lover of the arts. My goals in life are to have a house in the country where I can grow my own food, do my part in reducing my carbon footprint, and reach as many people as possible with what I have learned on physical and mental health.

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