The Struggles of Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is one of the hardest things to overcome in my book. Once you begin emotional eating, your mind is wired to believe food is the answer to your emotional problems. This is still an ongoing struggle for me.

In the beginning, my thought process was to not give in; well, easier said than done. My emotions would heighten to unbelievable levels. The human brain is very powerful, it would trick me into thinking I need to give into the craving. I would almost always succumb, I couldn’t handle the emotional stress of not. Once I would give in, new emotions would take place of the old ones. Emotions of being discouraged, guilt, and failure. This was doing even more damage to my mental health.

I wasn’t going to let emotional eating rule my life, I was ready to try a different approach. My next technique was replacing the fried foods and baked goods I usually would have ate with healthy foods. I am currently using this technique, and it does work for me. I believe it works because I am partly giving into the mental craving. I am feeding the craving of eating, but swapped out what I am eating. I am not saying this is the healthiest way to deal with emotional eating; after all, you are only supposed to eat when you’re hungry. But the way I see it, what I am doing now is healthier than what I was doing and that is a step in the right direction.

I never realized just how strong of a hold my emotions have on me until I began trying to overcome emotional eating. Going head first and trying to rid the cravings entirely showed to be way too overwhelming for me and led to backfire. I am not admitting defeat, I never would. I don’t believe in that. I am admitting to taking baby steps in overcoming this obstacle. It is a work in progress. Even though emotional eating has shown to be possibly my biggest obstacle, I don’t consider it a setback, but a learning experience. Don’t give up, find new ways to overcome your hardships. Eventually, my goal is to not give in at all and I am one step closer to getting there.

Do you struggle with emotional eating?

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