[Thought] Body Positive Movement Can Be Self Destructive

This post is not to be confused with the body acceptance post I made. I do however need to add a disclaimer. The definition of body acceptance I have is very different than the actual term. Body acceptance, to me, meant accepting and acknowledging my unhealthy body in its true form, then putting a stop to the excuses that were holding me back in order to help me move forward and create the healthy body I have today.

Body acceptance or body positive in the book, basically means accepting bodies in its entirety, no matter what. I had a moment today where I came in contact with this group, and I just want to say I was very surprised at what I saw. Let’s get into it.

The question: I came across an entry on a Q&A board, the poster was absolutely miserable, she compared herself constantly, didn’t take care of her physical health (though not said, definitely implied), and her relationship was falling apart because of her insecurities.

My answer: I responded with sympathy. I also advised to pick up on hobbies that made her feel good, to stop comparing herself to other people, and that she needs to focus on herself and get out of her mental trap. I mentioned briefly how bettering my life completely changed me. That I have so much more confidence and pride within myself.

Comment flagged: Shortly after I submitted, I was notified that my comment was flagged because I suggested that she should change herself. This aggravated me slightly. I thought about it and couldn’t think of how to help her with out there being some type of change. Was I too brutally honest in saying it was up to her to make her situation better? I really didn’t know.

Mind blown moment: I went back to the post to give it another read. Another user had commented advising the poster to find flaws in others. Really? Encouragement to be judgmental? Another comment mentioned how some people are just lucky and born looking a way that society deems beautiful. So it’s a game of chance on whether you look good and society’s fault she was unhappy? Hmm….

My final thought: What I gather, body positive means to be confident in your own skin. So that brings me to what if you don’t feel confident in your own skin? Like that poster? From what I saw, the answers to this problem seemed to be excessive amounts of cradling and toxic information. I believe in loving yourself and striving for your absolute best, that being said, I think change is necessary. It saddens me that some people will work so hard on accepting their situations and shooting down everything they learn to be a threat (I used to do that second part) when they could have stopped worrying about everything else and just focused on bettering themselves.

What are your opinions on body positive?

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