How I Avoid Injury During Exercise

Many believe to get a good workout you have to go as hard as possible; do all the jumps and down to the ground squats. I will admit, I used to believe this as well. I quickly received a reality check.

Early on in my journey, I began experiencing a ton of injuries. I have very sensitive knees and ankles (result of my flat feet). I would work through the pain and note it as my body not being used to the exercise. Walking became painful because of my injuries and my physical activity would have to be put on hold for sometime weeks on end to recover.

After one of my last recovery periods, I decided to try and take it easy when getting back into my work outs. I began modifying every move I knew would aggravate my joints. Guess what happened? Months went by without any injuries. Were my workouts still intense? Yes, very. I still gave the same amount of passion in the modifications as I did when I could go full out. Did I feel like I was cheating myself of a good work out? Not at all, I was now able to maintain a consistent routine and build muscle without the pain and agony of injury.

You only have one body in this life, and you need to take care of it. Take care of it with exercise and proper nutrition, but also take care of it by not pushing it too hard. Your body will work for you for a long time, but not if you’re constantly working against it.

How do you avoid injury during exercise?

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