Weight Loss Story: How I Changed My Life and Lost 70 lbs in 8 Months

In September of 2018 I was at my heaviest and lowest point. I didn’t want to leave the house or talk to anyone. I didn’t care how I looked (which if you knew me personally, I always held how I presented myself in high regards). I was constantly angry and extremely negative. My unhappiness spilled into all areas of my life. My family saw it, my coworkers and bosses saw it, and my poor fiancee got the worst of it.

September 2018 (One week into journey) – April 2019 (Close to 7 months into journey)

I tried many times in the years leading up to that point to go on diets; I failed every time. In turn, I would end up gaining back the weight, plus some. Nothing worked, I thought I was doomed to live a life where I hated everything, including myself. I had given up. I was constantly exhausted, weak, and just overall felt sick. The abuse on my body from an unhealthy diet and lifestyle was becoming a burden to my daily tasks. I was getting to a point where I blamed my surroundings and didn’t take any responsibility for how I ended up where I was. I knew I needed to do something, something big. I wanted to save myself. I wanted out of that depressing lifestyle. I wanted more. That is the moment everything changed.

(Pre Journey) May 2018 – March 2019

I didn’t just want to lose weight so I would look “good”, I wanted to be healthy. I began with small changes, portion control, more fruits and veggies, more lean proteins and less treats. I began exercising 30 minutes a day after work in my living room; Popsugar videos on Youtube, to be specific. I quickly started to lose weight. I started to feel good about myself. I couldn’t believe it was working and I didn’t feel like I was being deprived like on past diets. It was all about moderation. I moderated everything. I still would eat things I enjoyed, just healthy versions or in small amounts. I would find healthy alternate recipes of all my favorite foods and began cooking my meals. I would still indulge in an unhealthy treat from time to time, I would skip workouts sometimes, and I would have “I just want to sit on the couch” days. And you know what I found out? It was okay to have those moments. The most important thing is to not let those moments define you and not let them happen more often than being on task. Life are only human after all. We cannot be perfect 100% of the time.

(Pre Journey) May 2018 – May 2019

This mindset showed to be a huge benefit to my success. For too long I believed that a healthy diet was never eating sugar or carbs or anything fried. This is not true, it is having a happy balance of healthy eating majority of the time with a few treats thrown in.

A few consistent months later of my new lifestyle; I got a promotion at work, I was out participating in life, being active; and not because I had to, because I wanted to. Most importantly, I was beginning to love myself again. I was having relationships with people again, positive ones. I succeeded in losing 70 lbs in an 8 month time frame. Doing what you ask? Purely putting myself first. I had become a better person; happier, healthier, and overall someone who strives for more. I shaped myself into someone who actually gave a damn. I realized that living a healthy lifestyle is so much more than eating the right things; it is being dedicated to bettering yourself. It is to have a healthy mind and spirit. It is keeping a positive attitude as much as possible. It is thinking of others. It is doing things that make you happy. The weight loss is only one of the many positive things that happened through out my journey. Don’t get me wrong, losing the weight feels amazing, but I simply can’t ignore how much I improved as an overall person.

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(Pre Journey) August 2018 – May 2019

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    Dear Kaitlyn, I’m so proud of you! ❤ Love you bunches, and I miss your little notes.
    Love, and Blessings,
    Ann Korn😘

  2. Ashley Claycomb

    Love you girl! You look amazing and have such a glow to you that I’ve never seen before! Keep rocking it lady! You are truly inspiring and I think of you during my journey. Hoping to be where you are at come Christmas time!!!

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