10 Things I Learned From My Health Journey


Today I bring a list of ’10 Things I Learned From My Health Journey’. I have learned many things in my journey, and still am learning. I wanted to make a list of the top 10 most profound things I have acquired from my new lifestyle. Through losing weight, I was able to gain so many positive things.

10) Trying times are not so bad

At first, when I would find myself struggling with my new lifestyle, I was quick to get annoyed and angry with myself. “Why can’t you just eat right!?” I would ask myself. But soon I realized those moments were profound and took strength to overcome. I am thankful for those moments because it taught me discipline, something I was very much lacking.

9) My “perfect” changed drastically

There was a time in my journey where I thought the only way to achieve perfection was to have a squeaky clean diet and workout routine. That, in no way, I would be eating french fries or cake again. But then I found with moderation, that I could enjoy these things and still get results. My perfect before was to have abs and be the epitome of health, but now my perfect is enjoying those foods while maintaining an overall healthy diet with adequate exercise.

8) Comparing myself to others didn’t make things easier for me

I would look at health influences and compare my body and diet to theirs. I would try to follow their routines but either, a) didn’t get the same results or b) HATED the routine. Everyone is different therefore everyone’s routine is going to be different. Finding what worked for me and what I enjoyed doing is when I started seeing major results.

7) Being humble is a key factor in success

Being humble is such an important life skill, becoming more in tune with this skill helped me become a better person. I learned this throughout my journey mostly from seeing where I used to be compared to where I was at that moment. It was a humbling experience. I just did my thing, talked about my journey when asked, and didn’t try to get others on the band wagon. I did this for me and and for me alone. Now this humbling factor goes even further with wanting to be a beacon for others who strive for similar outcomes. I want to help and share what I can to those who want to listen.

6) Focus on the now and not “what’s next”

When you are doing something that has an end goal it is hard to stay focused during the “work” portion. It can lead you off your path if you get stuck in the thought of “what’s next”. I would sike myself out and get intimidated when I thought about all the weight I wanted to lose. I learned living in the moment and not worrying so much about “the goal weight”, I was able to make leaps in progress. It took a huge weight off my shoulders and let me enjoy the journey on a day to day basis.

5) Creating a new lifestyle was not as hard as I thought

I think one of the main reasons people are wary of starting a new lifestyle is the thought of having to change. I for one, do not like change. I like to have a routine. But for me, the routine I was living was one without motivation, without health, and without happiness. That was enough for me to want to change, to create something new and better for myself. I believe if you want it for yourself bad enough, this part of creating a new lifestyle comes fairly easy.

4) I am deserving of credit

I have and probably always will be too hard on myself. I have always held very high standards, and there is nothing wrong with that. But, when it becomes toxic it needs to be corrected. I would lose 4 lbs one week and maybe only 1 the next week and I would be LIVID. Instead of being proud of the altogether 5 lbs I would focus on the margin between the 2 weeks. The sooner I learned to focus on my successes the sooner my journey became fun and exciting.

3) Researching is necessary

I have probably spent a solid full month researching since my journey began. I would research everything from healthy recipes, to workout routines, to vitamins, to how certain foods affect the body, the brains role in overall health, and so much more. Educating myself made a transition into a new lifestyle so much easier. It also helped with learning why I was the way I was and what I needed to do to change.

2) Negativity was my number one set back

This is a big one. I used to struggle very much with negativity…still do from time to time. But I have cleaned it up MAJORLY. You know the saying “you are what you eat”? Well, I also believe in “you are what you think”. Being negative is what lead me into my old lifestyle so I knew there was no room for any of that in the new one I was trying to make. Anything good is not going to be created out of something bad. So a good mindset is necessary.

1) I am capable of accomplishing anything

I never knew I would be able to do something so big, so profound, so life changing. But I did. Yes it was hard at times, but I did it. I did it in a healthy way and went out and found the tools I needed to succeed. Everyone has it in them to do something big in their life, it just comes down to the brass tacks and realizing that you are capable of achieving such dreams.


What do you think of this list? Let me know if you find it helpful or have had similar experiences.

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