Daily Changes That Gave Me Positive Results (Health Edition)

I owe my success in losing weight, now 69 lbs, to my continuous drive to learn about my body. I took the time to see how my body responded to foods and did fair amounts of research. I provided myself stepping stones that ultimately led to healthy habits. The more educated I became, the more […]

Why I Don’t Believe In Cheating

So you may be thinking, “Why is she talking about cheating? I thought this was a health blog.” The cheating I am talking about is food cheating. Having a “cheat meal” or worse yet, a whole day dedicated to being “bad”. That’s what the word implies after all doesn’t it? Being bad? Doing something you’re […]

4 Healthy, Easy, and Fast Recipes: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert

Today, I am giving you some of my all time favorite healthy alternative recipes I have found through out my health journey. I wanted to make a post showcasing a days worth of recipes because there had been so many times I was looking for just this and could NEVER find it. So here you […]

The Journey Begins with You

Welcome! I am so happy you came across my blog. My name is Kaytlin, and I am on a journey to a more satisfying, sustainable, and overall healthy life. I have been researching on these topics for quite some time now and have acquired many helpful tips, tricks, recipes, and mantras along the way. On […]